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Friday, January 6, 2012

Dino Office update!

Back in July, we gave a sneak peek at Dino Office from CollegeHumor.  What have we been doing since, you ask?

BAM! Makin' Dino episodes and that Paleolithic paypah!

1.  Dinosaur Office: Computer Problems (released on CH Nov. 29)
2.  Dinosaur Office: Downsizing (released on CH Dec. 6)
3.  Dinosaur Office: Asteroid (released Dec. 13)
4.  Dinosaur Office: Traffic (released Dec. 20)
5.  Dinosaur Office: Office Romance (released Dec. 27th)
6.  Dinosaur Office: Volcano Drill (released Jan. 3)

Alex the Puppet Proctologist

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