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Monday, October 4, 2010

♪ Derby Derby-Doo ♪

28 amazing cars.  Scratch that.  27 amazing cars and one really $h!#y f*&%ing car.  In the end, it took only one Silver Bullet to slay the entire Ghostbusters and one Lean Green Machine.  Thanks to everyone that helped make this the best Buddy Jamboree ever!  Race you to next year!

Buddy Jamboree 2010 Results
1st Most Fastest:  The Silver Bullet  (Towner)
2nd Most Fastest:  Ecto 1  (Harv)
3rd Most Fastest:  Lean Green Machine  (Gavin S.)

Most Resembles Their Owner:  Leadfoot  (Patrick O.) 
Slowest Jalopy:  Red Eye  (Sihanouk M.)
Most Intimidating:  Nightmare  (Brian K.)
Cutest Ever:  Derbysaurus REX  (Lauren H.)
Pimpin’ Paint:  Red Racer  (Taylor S.)
Raddest Car:  Mazoomowski  (Kelly & Marianne M.)
$h!#*est F*&%ing Car:  Happy Go Lucky  (Moriah Z.)

Harv protesting the results. Towner having none of it.
 A child's dream hangs in the balance
They were all friends until the race began

Nothing says SPEED like Winnebago